The Smoke Check 2000 opacimeter is a partial flow equipment for emission tests of diesel  powered vehicles and engines. The Smoke Check 2000 is designed under Brazilian regulations NBR 13037 and IBAMA IN 6 as well as the CONAMA Nº 418/2009.  

The Smoke Check 2000 consists of two main components:
Sensor Head – installed at the exhaust tube exit, by means of a clip or using the Pedestal support. It samples a portion of the exhaust flow and at the measuring chamber, determine the opacity of the gases passing thru it. It is a very sturdy piece, made of cast aluminum, capable of handling the heat of the gases and rough use in general.
Monitor with Thermal Printer – connected by cable to the Sensor Head, it processes the readings from it, and present the results in the digital display, besides being capable of having them printed, if so desired, in the incorporated printer. The Monitor is made of resistant plastic, is ergonomically designed to permit easy handling, and has the thermal printer incorporated, as well as the battery. It is a long lasting unit, capable of withstanding rough use.

The Smoke Check 2000 shows the opacity readings as Light Absorption Coefficient k (m-1) and Percentage (%).

Smoke Check 2000 opacimeter Technical

Scales and measurement ranges – k Factor (0,00 – 9,99m-1); Percentage (0,0 – 100,0%);
Conforms to NBR12897, NBR13037, IBAMA IN6/09;
Certified by official agency INMETRO (179/2010), under RTM 209/2021 (derived from ISO 11614:1999);
Accuracy: ±0.5%;
Drift: 0.5%/hr;
Electric response time: 80ms to 90% full scale;
Portable and of practical operation;
Smartphone operable via proprietary App (Android);
Thermal printer incorporated;
Rechargeable internal battery;
Computer link up via Bluetooth or USB cable;
Large internal storage for the tests performed;
Practical lightweight carrying case for accommodation and transport.

The Smoke Check 2000 is a practical and cost effective equipment for the emission control of diesel powered fleets (trucks, buses, light vehicles), either own or third party. Due to its portability and autonomy, it allows inspections to be carried out where the vehicles are located. Also, thanks to its rechargeable internal battery, it is free from the public energy grid or the need of portable generators, to operate.

In the Smoke Check 2000, Altanova offers a wireless communication system, using Bluetooth, where the opacimeter is able to transmit in real time all data being gathered, either to the computer (using the Syscon software), or to the Syscon App (Android), up to 50 ft. line of sight, no barriers. That allows the tests to be run with a smartphone, with great advantages in storing and transmitting data. The SC2000 also stores internally up to 150 tests, for latter download in a computer. In this way, the data generated can be used for posterior processing or to generate reports.

The reports thus obtained can become a tool for predictive maintenance programs for the fleet operator, achieving fuel economy gains as well as avoiding tickets due to excessive smoke. Also, for the control of vehicles entering and leaving the company premises, they allow for easy following up of their performance status, with regard to meeting the emission
limits adopted.

The Smoke Check 2000 is certified at the Inmetro (official Brazilian certification agency) under the label ML179/2010.  Q & A.

To check the engine operation during opacity testing, the MGT-300 Tachometer is offered. It is a modern and capable instrument, possessing portability, high reliability and precision. 

The MGT-300 is a digital instrument, using two measurement channels, either sensing the vibrations from the engine or via the
remaining signal from the alternator current rectifier (the “Ripple” effect), taken from the battery poles. Those channels can work independently or simultaneously. The tachometer also has an internal battery, giving it excellent autonomy, besides portability.

Another feature of the MGT-300 is the built-in thermometer, able to check the engine oil temperature, using a thermocouple
inserted in the oil level gage tube of the engine. (Note: the thermocouple is an optional part, supplied separately).

MGT-300 Tachometer Technical Characteristics 

RPM Limits: 300 – 9990 Rev/min;
Resolution: 10 Rev/min;
Oil Temperature Limits: 20º C – 200º C;
Temperature Resolution: 1º C;
Charge power (with supplied charger): 12V DC/10W;
Voltage range (from vehicle battery): 8V DC – 35V DC;
Consumption: 0.5A;
Working Temperature: 5ºC – 40ºC;
Size: 200mm x 35mm x 100mm;
Weight: 0.38kg;
Communication: USB cable or Bluetooth.

The proprietary program for the control and generation of the opacity tests “SYSCON”, was created and developed to support, facilitate the Inspection Centers, Repair Shops and end users of the Smoke Check 2000 to meet the constraints established by the norms and regulations.

Syscon Software Characteristics

Meets CONAMA nº 418/2009, IBAMA nº 6/2010 and NBR13037 Regulations;
User friendly and easy to use;
Large data bank of vehicles;
Reports Issued according to:
- Official Opacity test per CONAMA nº 418/2009;
- Test run per NBR13037;
Test results stored in the Smoke Check 2000 unit;
Testing data can also be stored in a Web server, allowing synchronization to other computers or to the SysconApp;
Automatic updating via Internet;
Verification features of the Syscon software:
- Cleanliness checking of the sensor head lenses;
- Electrical charge of the battery;
- Re-printing of the tests stored in the opacimeter memory;
- Header print out set up – Date, Hour, Name, etc.
Microsoft Windows based.

Altanova, to facilitate the use of the Smoke  Check 2000 opacimeter, and following the trend towards using mobile devices, created and developed the SysconApp (Android).

This App incorporates all features and characteristics seem in the Syscon software used in computers working in the Windows platform.

Its major differential resides in the synchronization capability with other devices, either Windows or Android based, while keeping the same data bank in all of them. This is done via a proprietary key assigned to each and only user of the Smoke Check 2000, enabling access to the data bank residing in a Web server.

Additionally, the app allows the use of smartphones in the tests, creating the possibility of adding photos to them, access to vehicle and engine data banks, and lastly, the complete fill up of the test report and its immediate issuance to the interested parties.

SysconApp Characteristics

User friendly interface, easy to use;
Processes and displays photos of the tests taken with smartphones;
Access to ample data bank with large number of vehicle models listed;
Report generation based on:
- Official Opacity Test (CONAMA Nº 418/2009) – This test requires speed recording with a Tachometer;
- Regular Opacity Test (NBR 13037).
Data Bank in a Web server allowing synchronization with other smartphones and the Syscon software for Widows, via access key;
Meets CONAMA nº 418/2009, IBAMA nº 6/2010 and NBR13037 Regulations;
Stored test data in the Smoke Check 2000 memory;
Automatic updating via Internet;
Verification features of the SysconApp:
- Cleanliness checking of the sensor head lenses;
- Electrical charge of the unit battery;
- Re-printing of the tests stored in the opacimeter memory;
- Header print out set up – Date, Hour, Name, etc.
Requires Android 8.1 or higher.


Use your mobile device to scan the QR Code and perform the download of the SysconApp!

A very useful accessory, the Pedestal is an articulated arrangement of three arms that allow the positioning of the Sensor Head into the exhaust exit.  It makes for a quick and easy installation, reducing preparation time in a given test.

The Pedestal has a height adjustment range for the Sensor Head of 10cm (4”) to 75cm (30”).

For up turned exhaust tubes, (like most buses and some trucks) there is an Extension Bar, a very important item when the Sensor Head has to be placed at a high exhaust exit. The Extension Bar allows for easy positioning, keeps the Sensor Head well fixed and is very easy to use.

The Extension Bar has a length of 180cm (70”).


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