A long experience with opacimeters, lead to the creation and development of the Smoke Check 2000, certified since 2010. Since them, Altanova has become the main producer of this type of instrument in the country, with a commanding presence in the marketplace, as well as exporting to several countries.

Altanova has as a goal to constantly improve its products, enhancing usefulness, practicality and cost effectiveness, all within rigid technical specifications. This philosophy has created equipment  with unmatched portability, autonomy, ruggedness, crowned by outstanding accuracy and quality.

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The products offered by AltanovaSmoke Check 2000 opacimeter and MGT-300 EVO tachometer – are widely recognized as reliable, durable and trouble-free, requiring little upkeep.

However, per determination of the certifying agency (Inmetro) in Brazil, the opacimeters must be regularly inspected for accuracy and general performance (Regulation Inmetro 209), at least once per year. Altanova gives full support to its clients in this regard, offering a rapid service of checking and maintenance of the units, preparing them for the official inspection and endorsement from the certifying agency. All that guarantees that the unit returns to its owner fully approved and in top shape
for use.

It takes the opacimeter around 15 days for its full revision and final inspection (with official approval for use) by the certifying agency.

Altanova has a very capable technical staff, aware of the client needs, and able to solve technical and operational doubts, answering all sort of questions in this regard. That support is mainly  given remotely, via phone or message apps.

Also, the technical personnel when necessary, provides for training for users of the equipment.


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